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Why do we play games?

It is probably because humans stimulate instincts. Most of the games have a virtual confrontation scheme.

As the game progresses and the game wins or loses, the gamer experiences various emotional changes. He becomes a different person in the virtual world that exists in the game and finds a surrogate experience and satisfaction. Recently, there are so many kinds of games that it is hard to understand the genre.


But it is not easy to find a good game that you really want to play. It is not easy to find addictive fun, emotional, informative and educational games. Most of the games are violent, gambling, sexual, and time consuming.


Is not there a good game that everyone admit? The contents of the game are all filled with good elements, but it is a really fun game. A game in which a lot of time and effort used in the game comes back to knowledge and wisdom. If you have found such a game, you will not be able to miss it once. But this "ideal game" may not exist in reality. If there are good things, bad things exist at the same time.


There are people who try to implement educational effects in games. However, experts in this field do not think that the educational elements can increase the fun of the game. Many types of educational games are being released. However, these games do not reflect the thoughts and needs of those who want to enjoy the game.


Attempts to achieve educational effects by using the fun and concentration of games have been broken down in front of reality. Furthermore, people who are looking for a link between games and education are gradually disappearing. However, efforts and attempts to research and develop games that can have a positive impact on young people should continue.


I am not a professional producer of games. But I am one of the experts in computer program. My main job is to plan and produce programs for informatization and smartization of various companies. I am particularly interested in artificial intelligence and are also teaching programmers. But I was interested in games because I thought there was a possibility for this ideal game. That's what I've been dreaming of for years.


1. Easy and fun game for everyone

2. New and attractive games

3. Games that help the brain develop and learn during the game

4. A game that gives a pleasant feeling of accomplishment after playing the game

5. A game that you really want to recommend to the nearest person and you want to be evaluated as the mania of this game

6. There are many users around the world who can communicate with many people through this game.

7. Games that help you gain more wisdom and knowledge naturally through games

To accommodate all of this, you will need to create an educational game format. However, most educational games are making educational content into a game format. Borrowing the simple form of the game and concentrating on the educational content makes the game less fun. Far from the interest of gamers, you can not achieve the educational effect through the game fundamentally.


I have studied the elements to make a good game with these goals. And after much thought, I chose 'language' as a key element of the game. After all, the basic concept of the game I want to make is language. I chose a way to build an ideal game based on language and build various game formats on it.


Language is a tool of communication and furthermore the foundation of thought, knowledge and culture. In language there is a sentence, and in that sentence there are words. Each language has its own alphabet. The alphabet is gathered into words, and the words are gathered together to form sentences.


I set the values in the alphabet, words and sentences. This value is used within the game. How to set the value and what it means is learned during the game. By applying this method, the type of game becomes a convergence type. Word games, puzzle games, and casual games are simultaneously present in a single game.


I have designed about 7 game scenarios with this concept over a long period of time. Today, we are launching a mobile game called 'Smart Kicker' as the first result. This game chose English as the language that is the basic element of my game. You can get English learning effects while playing games. This game gives spelling learning to native English speakers. For those who want to learn English, it helps to memorize English words. And each time you complete each stage, you will keep in mind the words that will help your life.


May 24, 2017  Stephen M. Chi